BE GROUP – C&B Staff

Thứ tư, 06/09/2023 15:12 (GMT+7)

Human Resource

I – Employee Data & Org chart:

  1. Chart update when
  2. New Employee:
  • Work closely with Recruitment team to receive the information of new employee on time as agreement between C&B and Recruitment.
  • Key all information of new employee to Master Data & System.
  • Creating P-file for each new employee and save it in HR storage.
  1. Resigned employee:
  • Creating Offboading ticket on system
  • Record information of resigned employee to Master Data.
  • Strictly comply and guide employee comply the resignation procedure and process.
  • Make the resignation decision letter within 15-day as from the last working day.
  • Make sure to process the final payment and closed the Social book for resigned employee.
  1. Annual Leave & Overtime Data:
  • Collect & consolidate Leave request based on leave form on system.
  • Collect & consalidate OT time actual based on OT request on system.

II – Social, health, accident and unemployment insurance (SHUI):

  1. Follow the company rule and law required to prepare the data for monthly increase /decrease report on time.
  2. Guide to employee about
  3. Receive the Health insurance card and new SI book and make sure to deliver to employee after 5-day as from receiving date from SHUI Dept.
  4. Closed SI book, make report to submit to SHUI Dept., and return to resigned employee after 5-day as from receiving date from SHUI Dept.

III – Labor contract & Annex:

  1. Make sure all employees have labour contract and is been saved in P-file.
  2. Send email to Line manager (cc HOD/C-level) who has employee will be expired before 45 days as from the expired labour contract (15 days with Probation notice)
  3. Prepare the labour contract, get signature before 5-day and deliver to employee within 7-day after the expired labour contract/probation time.
  4. Prepare annex for salary / grade / title adjustment.

IV – Internal report:

  • Monthly update: labour contract information, SHUI master.
  • The other report when needed.
  • Make Adhoc report when needed.

V – beCare:

  1. Guide to employee about healthcare benefits, produce to claim and relatives registration (upon Employee request)
  2. Monthly increase / decrease request on time.
  3. Monthly reconcile with PTI for adustment confirmation.

VI – Provide the best service to employees.

  • Have a bachelor’s degree with major Human Resource/ Economics/ Laws…
  • 01 – 03 years experience in similar positions at companies with scale from 200 headcounts.
  • Be good at Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint…)
  • Good knowledge of Labor Code, SHUIs and PIT.
  • Good communication skill.
  • Careful, detail-oriented, enthusiastic, hard-working