Senior Back End Engineer

Thứ hai, 27/11/2023 11:14 (GMT+7)


Our Tech stacks

  • Our core services consist of hundreds of Golang microservices built around domain-oriented, event-driven architecture. All run on GCP, GKE, and Istio with autoscaling, resiliency, and chaos engineering mindset with full end-to-end observability.
  • Our mobile platform was running on Flutter, component-based, composable architecture. Web app largely on TypeScript, React, NextJS, Tailwind CSS, and composable in-house design components and framework.
  • Gitlab for all code repositories, CI/CD, with Backstage as a centralized developer productivity platform.
  • In DevOps culture, you are fully responsible with design, build, and operate your own services with support from SRE, Platform team as needed …
  • Open source lover, and open source contributor. All tooling and platforms used were in-house custom-built on popular open-source projects.

Job Responsibilities

The Back End team is responsible for developing and optimizing the back-end services and architectures that aim to build highly available and scalable Ride-Hailing solutions. Your goal is to deliver world-class customer experiences and reduce the response time to have a smooth and the best supper app in the market. Our business consists of many services such as Transportation, Food, Delivery, Mobilities, and Internal services.

  • Design and write cutting-edge Golang microservices to improve the availability, scalability, latency, and efficiency of BE’s range of services.
  • Work with the engineering team to explore and create new designs/ architectures geared toward scale and performance.
  • Work with product managers and implement products and features with a data-driven approach and evaluate their impact via ab test and experimentation platform.
  • Work closely with the SRE team in building and scaling and operating high-performance back-end services.
  • Design, build, analyze, and fix large-scale systems.
  • Debug and modify complex, production software.
  • Mentor junior team members, and improve overall engineering standards.

Your skills & experiences

  • At least 4+ years of experience coding Backend with various programming languages, and willing to work with Golang.
  • Good understand and experienced in Data Structure & Algorithms, well know how to apply them to optimize performance and reduce spending-resource in the high concurrency services.
  • Experience in shipping applications to production, and Cl/CD flow.
  • Familiarity with running large-scale services; understanding of systems internals and networking are a plus.
  • Strong understanding of system performance and scaling, especially RDBMS.
  • Good communicator, be a team player, and be independent at the same time.
  • Experience in writing good unit tests.

Why you’ll love working here


  • Our workplace welcomes and encourages talented, young, dynamic, and proactive individuals to collaborate.
  • Culture of engineering and agile development embraced.
  • Failures accepted, learned from and moved on rapidly.
  • Flexible working environment, and performance-based optimization focus.
  • Ownership and excellent learning opportunities, in-house and external.
  • Be part of the team who sets the trend, influence, and build a meaningful product for millions of fellow Vietnamese.

Our benefit:

  • A 13th-month wage and up to 3 months of performance-based bonuses (year-end bonus).
  • MacBooks are currently supplied to all technical team members.
  • BE Corp budget (depending on your level, from 2 million VNĐ) is allocated for using services such as transportation, food, and passenger car bookings in Be application.
  • The social insurance contribution amount will vary based on the individual’s level.
  • Annual health checks and premium medical healthcare (PTI) after probation.
  • 15 days of annual leave is applied for the entire staff.
  • Company trips, team-building activities, and happy hour events are organized on a quarterly or annual basis.

Contact Point: [email protected]