beAds provides effective media solution and reaches millions of mobile customers through online and offline forms.

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Benefits of choosing beAds

Reach customers anytime, anywhere

Your customers are everywhere and constantly on the go. With beAds, we offer a mobile advertising solution that brings your brand to customers anywhere, from Online to Offline.

Flexible ads from Offline to Online

Your brand can approach customers not only through traditional advertising but also on online advertising platforms that can reach millions of other mobile users.

Easy management and tracking effectiveness

Ad performance management and tracking systems are updated most frequently in the most user-friendly interface. Control data and quality of your campaigns from all sources online as well as offline.

Efficient across multi-platform media

Reach millions of customer members from various platforms, through the open platform on be application.

The products of beAds

Advertising outside a car

A form of mobile communication through which your ads is pasted on our becars which will deliver high efficiency.

Advertising inside a car

Deliver an interactive experience between your customers and your brand during their travel journey.


Easily market your new products to millions of customers on every be's ride.

Online advertising

Frequently reach customers through our technology platform, with products and solutions tailored for each brand. Ads can be shown flexibly right on be application and on every Be's ride.

Billboard Online

Set up reasonable advertising positions right on the map of the be application with optimal cost compared to traditional Billboard.

Hanging Banner

Mobile communication with wide coverage via banner on beBike.

Other forms of advertising

OOH advertising, bus wrap

Roadshow/ Offline Activation

WiFi Marketing

Digital advertising at F&B chains such as Highland, Phúc Long, Passio, KFC,...

Consulting on advertising license.

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