Make sure you always strictly obey the traffic laws of Vietnam. When traveling by car, always remember to wear your seat belt whether you are in the front or rear seats. When traveling by motorbike, always wear a helmet when you are on the vehicle. The driver has specific responsibilities for safety and must not carry out any prohibited acts under the Road Traffic Law during Be trips such as: operating a vehicle while there are narcotic substances in the body or alcohol in blood or breath; weaving through traffic; threatening, offending, scrambling for consumers, enticing consumers; forcing consumers to use the service against their will; using phones while driving (the driver can use a phone holder to see the directions or bluetooth earphones to listen to calls). The driver should not take the trip in a state of fatigue and drowsiness. Ensure good health while driving for maximum safety.

In the Be community, whether you are a driver of a consumer, please show respect for each other. For consumers, please do not shout, swear or slam the door to ensure the minimum courtesy. To keep the vehicle clean and to give the next consumer a comfortable ride, please keep clean by: taking your trash out of the vehicle and wiping any spilled beverages; avoid bringing food or drink with an unpleasant odor into the vehicle; Always check your luggage and personal belongings before leaving the vehicle. When using Be’s service, you will meet people with styles, thoughts and voices completely different from yours. Respect the difference with both Vietnamese and foreigners.

We should also respect each other’s space and privacy. For consumers, when you are in the vehicle and need to talk on the phone or when you talk to your fellow consumers, speak in a low voice to avoid disturbing the driver. One important thing: in any case, there must be no harassment between the driver and the consumer in the vehicle, be it flirting or touching.

Individuals of 18 years old and over can register a consumer account and take full responsibility for this account.
Individuals of 15 years old to under 18 can register a consumer account and take responsibility for this account. However, when there are issues such as compensation for damage, the consumer’s parents or guardians will be held responsible.
Individuals of 6 years old to under 15 must obtain the consent and be monitored closely by a parent or guardian when using the consumer account.
For children under 6 years old, in all cases Be will only agree to provide services when they are accompanied by an adult.

Pets that can be accepted by Be’s driver include: dogs, cats, birds, fish. Other animals are not considered pets and are not allowed to be transported (except in specific cases or the other animals are accepted by the driver).
The Consumers may bring pets or other animals (mentioned above) of the proper size into the vehicle and should inform the driver of this in advance when they accept the trip. However, consumers must ensure absolute safety and hygiene for both the driver, accompanying consumers and pets. In case the pets are of improper size or the consumer does not ensure safety or hygiene, or the driver is allergic to animal hair, the driver has the right to refuse this trip.

If the pet is unsanitary and/or interferes with the safety of the driver (scratching, biting, pecking, etc. or other threatening acts), the consumer will be held responsible for compensation for damage (if any).”

Please rate and give your objective feedback after finishing the trip to contribute to improving our service quality and to help Be become a safe and professional environment. If you have any problem, please contact and send information to Be via the “Support” function in the application or contact the hotline: 1900 232345.

Yellow represents safety and has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of causing traffic accidents by up to 50%. Be has seriously invested in uniforms for drivers in order to bring you comfort, convenience and safety. Wearing Be’s uniform both makes it easy for consumers to identify you and ensure the professionalism and consistency of drivers’ image. Because of that, it is imperative to wear a uniform when taking Be’s trips for beBike drivers. If the driver continues to violate the regulations regarding uniform after repeated reminders, Be will consider suspending the partnership permanently.

We have clear policies in place to explain situations in which your driver/consumer account is temporarily locked or permanently closed. However, there will always be unpredictable events where the end result can cause you to lose access to your driver/consumer account. Be’s policies and decisions are always based on the following criteria: Safety, Quality, Fraud Issue, Information Security and Discrimination Issue.

1/ General safety issues
At Be, we use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the safety of both our consumers and our drivers.

What is the reason why your driver/consumer account is temporarily locked or permanently closed?

When Be becomes aware of an act that threatens the safety of the driver and consumer, we will investigate the matter and your account may be temporarily locked or permanently closed. If there are repeated violations, serious problems arising; numerous complaints or serious complaints about poor, unsafe or distracted driving, we will suspend the partnership with you permanently. Any acts related to violence, sexual harassment, discrimination and other illegal activities while using Be’s service can result in your account being deleted immediately. In addition, if it involves law authorities, we will cooperate in their investigation.

Here are some examples of unsafe behavior for drivers and consumers:

• Use of inappropriate or offensive language or gestures

For example: Using threatening words and making aggressive, discriminatory gestures; Raising questions about personal life or suggestive questions such as: “Your husband must be rich?”, “Those with piggy eyes are not reliable”, “If you give me 1 star, I will go to your house and beat you”, “You must be tired after such driving, let me help you relax.”

• Body contact with the consumer/driver

Under no circumstances will Be allow any sexual harassment to the driver/consumer in the vehicle or during the trip.

For example: Body contact, especially to the sensitive parts; Using flirty words such as: “Do you have a boyfriend, if not can you give me a chance?”

• Arguing, fighting causing injury

For example: The driver hits, knocks down the consumer, their relative or companion and vice versa, the consumer, their relative or companion assaults the driver.

• Safe driving

We always wish the driver to always drive safely and obey traffic laws while driving, stopping and parking such as: concentrate on driving, limit braking and fast turning, no sudden accelerating, take a short rest when the driver feels tired.

• Damaging the driver’s property

For example: Smashing, damaging the driver’s vehicle or property; smoking or vomiting from too much alcohol consumption; intentionally dirtying the vehicle.

2/ No drugs, alcohol, beer and other stimulants allowed
Be absolutely forbids drivers from using drugs, alcohol, beer and other stimulants before and while driving.

What is the reason why your driver/consumer account is temporarily locked or permanently closed?

We will permanently suspend partnership with any driver if it is determined that the driver is under the influence of drugs, alcohol and other stimulant while using the Be application.

Be will also consider permanently suspending partnership with any driver that receives multiple unconfirmed complaints about the use of drugs, alcohol and other stimulants. For consumers, we will permanently stop providing services if you use drugs during your trip.

3/ Compliance with Vietnamese Laws
We hope that the drivers/consumers who use the Be application comply with all road traffic laws and regulations.

What is the reason why your driver/consumer account is temporarily locked or permanently closed?

Be may temporarily lock your driver account or permanently suspend the partnership with you for activities such as texting while driving, speeding, engaging in serious illegal activities while using the Be application such as smuggling, trafficking drugs and other prohibited goods; not having a valid vehicle registration certificate or driving license; seriously violating traffic laws, violating traffic laws that indicates unsafe driving while using the Be application; other violations of road traffic laws and regulations.

For consumer accounts, Be can temporarily lock your account or stop providing services permanently when you commit an illegal act such as: asking the driver to violate traffic laws such as speeding, transporting more consumers than allowed, not wearing a helmet, not wearing a seat belt or using Be’s services to commit illegal acts such as smuggling, trafficking drugs and other prohibited goods; other violations of road traffic laws and regulations.

4/ No weapons allowed
Be forbids consumers and drivers from bringing guns and other weapons (that are against Vietnamese law) into the vehicle while using our application. If you violate Be’s policy of forbidding carrying guns and other weapons, we may stop cooperating with/providing services to you permanently.

5/ Fraud and Abuse
We monitor our systems to detect consumers and drivers who may commit fraud or attempt to control our system. Fraud and taking advantage of application vulnerabilities to commit fraud will seriously affect Be’s service quality and core values.

What is the reason why your driver/consumer account is temporarily locked or permanently closed?

For drivers, we can permanently suspend partnership immediately without prior notice if an account is involved in fraudulent activities or exploits Be’s application vulnerabilities to commit fraud such as: creating multiple accounts for the same Be service for improper purposes; using software or any other method to control or create bogus travel or false account information; using improper measures to exploit discounts or trip fares, modify trips, discounts or ratings, accepting trips without the intent to fulfill them, including prompting a consumer to cancel the trip; creating a consumer or driver account with fake information or for fraudulent purposes; intentionally accepting or completing fraudulent trips as well as other fraudulent and abusive activities.

For consumers, Be may stop providing services to consumer accounts when there are fraudulent or abusive activities such as creating similar accounts, creating multiple accounts on the same device, collusion between consumers and drivers to abuse promotions as well as other fraudulent and abusive activities.

6/ Accurate and legal personal information
drivers are required to provide accurate information such as first and last name, profile picture, vehicle model, license plate and vehicle color (for cars) so that consumers can identify the driver and their vehicle. In addition, we will check vehicle records and driver backgrounds to ensure the safety and compliance of our criteria.

What is the reason why your driver/consumer account is temporarily locked or permanently closed?

We may suspend partnership permanently if we find a violation of Be’s safety standards or other criteria required by regulatory authorities when checking vehicle records or driver backgrounds periodically: providing Be with inaccurate information; allowing others to use your account; making unapproved trips and other violations. Your account will also be temporarily locked if your required documents become invalid, such as an expired driver license, until you provide the updated information.

7/ Information Security
To ensure the safety and security of personal information, drivers and consumers should avoid unnecessary contact with each other such as texting, calling or meeting in-person after the trips. In addition, avoid sharing private information about the drivers/consumers such as phone numbers, personal photos on forums, social media and similar activities after the trips.

8/ Discrimination
Be is an application that connects consumers with transportation vehicles reliable for everyone. Therefore, Be will not tolerate any acts or language of discrimination.

What is the reason why your driver/consumer account is temporarily locked or permanently closed?

Discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, age or any other personal trait may violate applicable laws. This will result in your account being considered for temporary lockout or permanent closure.

9/ Return to driving after account deactivation
If your driver account is deactivated for quality reasons such as low star ratings, you may have a chance to return to driving if you take improvement steps that meet Be’s requirements and are evaluated by Be’s team. In the event that your driver account is permanently closed, you are not allowed to register an alternative driver account with Be.