Welcome to the website https://be.com.vn and be application by Be GROUP JSC.

be application is a mobile application that provides e-commerce service (referred to as “be E-commerce platform” as follows) in the transportation industry which was set up, managed and operated by BE GROUP JSC. BE GROUP Joint Stock company (referred to as “the company” or “beGroup”) operates under the Certificate of Business Registration No. 0108269207 by the Planning and Investment Department of Hanoi, first issued on 11/05/2018, modified the 7th time on 24/02/2020 by Department of Planning & Investment of Ho Chi Minh City (the following is called “Company” or “BeGroup”).

Please carefully read the terms and conditions to use be application (“Terms of Use”) before installing and using be application to make any order or any services through the E-commerce platform (called “Service” as follows).

This terms of use is the legal agreement between a customer and BEGROUP company when you have chosen to use the application and use the services on the be E-commerce platform.

By using the services on be application, you agree that you have read, understood, accepted and agreed to the Terms of use and with any amendments and additions to the terms of use published by beGroup at different point in time on the website https://be.com.vn and/or on be application.

These terms of use and any amendments and additions to the terms of use are published by beGroup on the website https://be.com.vn and/or on be application.

beGroup reserves the right to modify, amend, add or remove any specific terms of use or any policies relating to the service at any time which the company thinks is suitable.

Modifications, amendments, additions or cancellations of the terms of use or any policies relating to the service shall be effective as soon as the content is posted on the website https://be.com.vn and/or through be application.

A user of the service is responsible for regularly checking the terms of use when using be application and using the services through be application.

The continued use of be application or using the services on the be E-commerce platform after any changes in the terms of use, regardless of whether you have read the changes in terms of use will be, by default, considered as you have approved and agreed with such changes.

BE GROUP Joint Stock company, the owner of the application, is implementing the business cooperation with qualified partners to provide transportation services to customers in accordance with the relevant applicable law of Vietnam (called: “Partners” or “suppliers” as follows).

The time of a transaction between a supplier and a customer established through be application is also the time that the right and obligation between a customer and a supplier arise which must be in accordance with Vietnamese law or any international treaties of which the Republic Socialist Vietnam is a member.

The service that beGroup provides is the application of technology that connects you with our partners providing transportation services in order to facilitate convenience of all parties in the transaction process.

Our company is committed to assisting customers and providing relevant information to competent authorities to resolve disputes arising in the course of your using of the transportation services through be application.

This policy will help customers understand what personal information we collect, as well as how we use that information afterwards.

When using the Service, using be App, you are committed to and ensure that:

Having full civil act capacity in accordance with the current law to accept and agree to the Terms of Use; have the right, authority and capacity to use the Service and to comply with these Terms of Use.

The information provided to our company is always up to date, complete and authentic.

Use of the Service is for a legitimate, valid need.

Do not authorize others to use your identity or capacity as a user of your be App.

Your be Application user account may not be transferred or transferred to any other person or entity.

Commitment to always comply with the applicable applicable laws in your country and in Vietnam where you use the Service.

It is your responsibility to check and ensure that you have correctly downloaded the Compatible Bet App for your mobile device. The Company is not responsible for your failure to have a Be App-compatible device or if you have downloaded an inappropriate or incompatible Be App version for your mobile device.

Company reserves the right not to allow you to use the Service in the event that you use the App on an incompatible or unauthorized device or use it for a purpose other than that which the Be App supports.

By using the Be App, you commit, agree that:

Do not use Be App to send and store any unauthorized material or information or for deceptive purposes; to disturb, harass others or make a reservation to use a fake service; violating the prohibitions of the current relevant law of Vietnam.

Do not contact the Service Provider Partner on the beige E-Commerce Floor for purposes other than using the Service which is supported by the Be Application.

Do not use the information of BE GROUP Joint Stock Company, of the Service Provider Partner for any purpose other than the purpose of using the Service.

Do not perform acts (intentionally or unintentionally) that may cause damage to the be App, damage the brand reputation, the property of beGroup, the Service Provider Partner.

Do not copy, resell, donate or distribute the App and / or related supporting software without beGroup’s prior written permission.

Be solely responsible for maintaining and securing the account password using your be App (user account) or any other methods of identification that we provide to customers using the be App.

Provide us any proof of identity that we may reasonably request for the purpose of providing Application user accounts, providing the Services to customers.

Agree to provide accurate information, regularly maintain, promptly and fully update information as required by the Company to use the Service to ensure that such information is always authentic, current and complete. enough at all times. You acknowledge that if any information about you is incorrect, inaccurate, out-of-date or incomplete in any way, the Company reserves the right to terminate your use of the Service at any rate. at any time whether with or without notice.

Do not commit acts of deceiving the Company and any act of a similar nature in order to gain illegal benefits in any events, promotional activities or campaigns conducted by the Company.

When requesting transport services through the Be Application or when using the Service, you must pay the carrier’s telecommunications charges in accordance with the telecommunication service provider’s policy.

Do not perform any actions intended to undermine the normal operation of BeGroup Application and related information technology systems.

Your use of the Application, the Services and / or features integrated on your Be Application will be consistent with and subject to the Company’s Information Security Policy. This Policy of the Company may be amended from time to time and posted on the Company’s website and Application be.

Commit to be fully liable, liable for all loss or damage caused to yourself, Service Provider, Company and any third party when you violates any provision of these Terms of Use.


1. Definitions

Automatic online payment service / Service: is the licensing, data processing and payment implementation provided by VCB (credit institution) and NAPAS (payment approval unit) to beGroup for processing. handle automatic payment transactions that arise when customers use beGroup’s transport services.

Automatic online payment transaction / Transaction: is a transaction made by beGroup on behalf of a customer to pay for goods and services via online payment channel when arising for the services that beGroup provides to customers use the Token on the basis of client authorization for beGroup.

2. Method of payment

When customers use transport services on beGroup’s e-commerce platform and use NAPAS payment tools, customers automatically agree to authorize, irrevocably for beGroup on behalf of customers to perform payment transactions. automatic online payment via payment gateway of VCB and NAPAS.

Authorization content: The customer agrees to authorize beGroup to perform the following contents on behalf of the customer:

Make automatic online payment transactions for transport services that beGroup provides customers.

Payment conditions: the payment when the service arises.

Automatic payment time: fixed, or not fixed.

Payment value: fixed or not fixed.

Means of payment: Token.

Goods and services are paid automatically: transport services.

When accepting the authorization for beGroup, the customer automatically agrees to VCB and NAPAS to have the right to store customer information (including but not limited to information about means of payment, transactions, …) for service deployment.

If you do not agree to authorize beGroup in accordance with this section, you can use another payment method.

As a user of the Service through the Be Application, you agree that the tax obligations of the Company, of the Transport Service Provider Partners, are independent. Each party is obliged to declare or fulfill its tax obligations toward the State and comply with the tax laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

a) The Company and its licensors (if applicable) will, when applicable, grant you irrevocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, gender personal license. term in the use of the Application be for the purpose of using the Service on the basis of these Terms of Use.

b) All rights not specifically granted to customers are reserved by the Company and its licensors.

c) You must not:

Licensing, sublicensing, selling, reselling, transferring, transferring, commercially distributing or exploiting or making any third party to a be application .

Modify or create derivative works of the Application and / or Software.

Create Internet “links” to the Application or “serve as a basis for” or “clone” any Software on any server or device operating on any other Internet environment.

Reverse engineer or access the Company be application to:

Build a Product or Service that competes with the Company.

Build a product using ideas, features, functionality, or graphics similar to those of Company’s Be Application, or

Copy any ideas, features, functionality or graphics of Company be applications.

Launch an automated program or script, including but not limited to, web spiders, web crawlers, web robots, web ants, web indexers, auto bots, viruses, or any other program may make multiple requests to the Company’s servers that slow or interfere with the operation and / or performance of the Company’s be application.

Post, distribute or otherwise reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trade name, or other proprietary information of beGroup without the consent of the Company.

Remove any copyright, trade name, or other proprietary rights notices on the website, on the be app.

d) You may use be application for the purpose of using Company Services and not use be application to:

Spammers or mass messages or automated messages.

Sending or storing documents that infringe upon the reputation or honor of other individuals or organizations.

Sending or storing obscene, threatening, libelous material, including, but not limited to, material that is harmful to children or that violates the privacy of a third party.

Send documents containing software viruses, Trojans or scripts, files, scripts, spyware or malicious computer programs.

Interfering with or disrupting the integrity or performance of the be app or the data contained therein; or otherwise attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Application and / or the Software; or

Impersonate any person or entity or misrepresent your relationship with an individual or entity to evade obligations or engage in conduct that could prejudice the legitimate rights and interests of the Company. company and or a third party.

Only the Company and Licensing parties to the Company (if any) have the intellectual property rights, related rights to the be application and / or other supporting software.

The content of these Terms of Use does not constitute a purchase agreement, does not assign / transfer to the customer any ownership rights in or in connection with the App and / or other supporting software or any intellectual property rights are owned by the Company.

The content of these Terms of Use does not create a sales agreement, does not assign / transfer to you any ownership of the Company’s trademarks, Company logos, Services logos, logos Application be and Partner logo.