Privacy Policy
1. General provisions

1.1 This Personal Information Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as: “Privacy Policy”) is issued by Be Group Joint Stock Company, tax code: 0108269207, address: 16th floor, Building Sai Gon Tower, 29 Le Duan, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as “Be Group”) is applicable to any organization or individual that can access and register. and using Be Group’s products, services, websites or Be applications (collectively: “consumers”.
1.2 Be Group recognizes the importance of the personal data that the consumer has entrusted to Be Group and believes that Be Group is responsible for proper management, protection and handling of the consumer’s personal data. . This Privacy Policy helps consumer understand how Be Group collects, uses, discloses and/or procedurees personal data that consumer has provided to Be Group and/or stores Personal Data about consumer, whether present or future, and to help consumer make an informed decision before providing Be Group with any consumer Personal Data.
1.3 This Privacy Policy concerns the collection, procedureing, use, disclosure and storage of Personal Data by Be Group and/or its subsidiaries, affiliates, affiliates, and affiliates. any association with Be Group, Be Group’s manager, partner, employee, employee, or consultant (“Representative”). Personal Data includes information, data about consumer that Be Group holds or collects directly or indirectly from consumer’s provision to Be Group, or information collected through consumer access, register, provide/use Be Group’s products, services, websites or Be applications , or from the consumer’s data or information sources in accordance with the law.

2. Personal Data procedureing Facility

2.1 By accessing, registering, or using Be Group’s products, services, website and/or Be application, the consumer acknowledges, accepts and agrees with the provisions of the Privacy Policy. This Confidentiality, and hereby the consumer agrees, to permit Be Group and/or its Representative to collect, procedure, use, disclose, and store Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If consumer does not agree to allow Be Group to collect, procedure, use, disclose and store its Personal Data as set forth in this Privacy Policy, consumer will not use the products. service or failure to access Be Group’s website or Consumer app.
2.2 consumer may withdraw consent to Be Group and/or its Representative procedureing Personal Data by giving them notice of this. In this case, consumers note that withdrawal of consent will not affect the legality of the treatment earlier for Personal Data on the basis of the consent of the Consumer, and Data Individuals will continue to be stored in accordance with applicable law. In addition, when consumer refuses to provide or provide incomplete or inaccurate information or comply with legal obligations, Be Group may not provide consumer with products, Full service and quality as claimed.
2.3 consumer agrees not to provide Be Group/Representative any inaccurate or misleading information and consumer agrees to notify Be Group of any inaccurate or misleading information. when there is a change in consumer’s information.
2.4 consumers should be aware that the Internet is not a secure form of communication, and all risks associated with sending and receiving information through the Internet include the risk of unauthorized access and interference by third parties. father. Information transmitted over the Internet may have to be transmitted across many countries or regions (even when the sender and receiver reside in the same country or territory), including countries and regions. territories where the laws on data security and protection are not as complete as the laws in the countries or territories in which the consumer resides. Be Group/Representative is not responsible or responsible for the security, security or integrity of consumer Personal Data when it is transmitted through the Internet.

3. Commitment to Privacy

3.1 Be Group commits to comply with the following principles in the procedure of collecting, procedureing, using, and disclosing Personal Data:
– Collection of Personal Data necessary for collection purposes in this Privacy Policy;
– Personal Data is procedureed lawfully, fairly, transparently and in accordance with applicable applicable laws;
– Personal Data is collected for a specific, clear, legal purpose and will not be procedureed beyond the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy and in accordance with applicable applicable laws;
– Your Personal Data is stored appropriately and to the extent necessary for procedureing purposes in accordance with applicable applicable laws;
– Apply technical and organizational measures in accordance with applicable applicable laws to ensure the security of personal data as appropriate, including safeguards against unauthorized access. Authorized or unlawful personal data and destruction, loss, or unauthorized damage.
3.2 In addition to the above, Be Group is committed to comply with other principles set forth by law on the protection of personal data, especially those relating to the rights of owners of Personal Data.

4. Collection of Personal Data

Be Group collects consumer Personal Data from the various sources listed below. Be Group may collect, link and combine the Personal Data of the Consumer to create the best conditions for consumers provided/used products, services, information electronics, application beige by Be Group.
4.1 Collection of Personal Data when consumer provides Be Group
Name, ID number/citizenship/passport number and other identifying information;
– Contact information such as phone number, mailing address, email address, fax number; permanent residence, temporary address, or other residential address, personal email address, interests, other information relating to special requests from the Consumer;
– Information such as profile/request for declaration, registration from Be Group so that consumers are eligible to provide/use products and services of Be Group;
– Credit or debit card information such as cardholder’s name, card number, expiration date, verification code;
– Exchange of Information, feedback and reply between Be Group and consumer when the consumer contact Be Group via channels: phone, email, text, … or vice versa (Be Group contact with consumer);
– Information related to social networks: depending on the settings of the social networks that the consumer uses, Be Group may receive information (aliases, images, videos, articles, …) from houses. provide the consumer’s social network when the consumer uses their social network accounts to connect, participate, register for access to the website, application Be;
– Sensitive information and data based on inherent characteristics and common knowledge such as nationality, judicial record, biometric data, health, education, finance, employment, … are only collected. this information when the consumer agrees or when Be Group strictly complies with the applicable applicable laws and regulations and this Privacy Policy;
– The information that the consumer agrees to provide to Be Group through programs and events that the consumer agrees to declare and provide to Be Group/Representative.
4.2 Collecting Personal Data when consumers use the products, services, electronic information, applications Be of Be Group:
– Information of transactions (time, location, distance, trip itinerary …);
– Information about payment (amount, form, time, … payment);
– Evaluate and comment on the consumer’s provision/use of the service;
– consumer’s location;
– Information about configuration, software, hardware, … equipment used to access the website, the Be application ;
– Exchange and give feedback between the consumer and Be Group, the service provider partner with Be Group during the service usage, access to the website, the Be application .
4.3 Collection of Personal Data from other sources of information, data:
In addition to the sources of Personal Data as set out in clauses 4.1 and 4.2, Be Group collects Personal Data from other sources in accordance with the personal data protection laws, in particular the regulations. Regulations relating to the rights of the owner of the Personal Data, including but not limited to:
– From a third party authorized to provide or disclose consumer Personal Data;
– From publicly available data sources;
– From a competent state agency;
– From member units, affiliates, affiliates, partners, and other service providers of Be Group.

5. Purpose of Collection

5.1 Providing products and services to consumers
– Handle consumers’ requests to provide products and services;
– Provide products and services in accordance with consumer requirements and maintaining consumer relationships;
– Verify the suitability when consumers register, provide/use products and services;
Analysis and statistics, including behavioral analysis and personal history;
– Establish, continue and manage relationships with consumers and accounts;
– Conducting market research and surveys to improve products and services;
– Provide consumers with promotions, frequent consumer programs;
-Propose, acquire, provide, facilitate or maintain insurance or financial products, solutions;
– Be Group/A member unit introduces consumers of its value-added products and services/Be Group’s cooperative partner.
5.2 Offer a frequent flyer program
Be Group uses consumer’s Personal Data to (i) update information about new policies and regulations of frequent flyer programs, (ii) send consumer promotional and promotional policies. for members, (iii) contacting consumer to resolve requests from consumers, (iv) providing products and services requested by members, (v) data management, analysis and rating information members’ requests to provide appropriate policies, (vi) receive information, suggestions, suggestions and complaints from members to improve service quality better.
5.3 Comply with regulations on accounting and taxation
Be Group collects, stores and uses Personal Data of the consumer for internal business purposes such as record keeping and compliance with legal obligations of accounting, sales invoices, and tax. current law.
5.4 consumer care and support
Be Group uses Personal Data to provide the consumer with the following consumer care services: (i) receive information, suggestions, suggestions and complaints from the consumer to improve service quality Better yet, (ii) contact to resolve consumer requests, (iii) perform statistical analysis to develop, improve services and offers based on personal information and requests of consumers, and (iv) consumer support faster and complete content, website design and application Be the Be Group, (v) implementation of the exploration of the satisfaction of the consumer in order to better understand the need consumer claims, and (vi) resolving consumer complaints.
5.5 consumer Contact
Be Group uses Personal Data to contact consumers via: email, phone call, SMS, post; or other forms of notice to perform the provision of services of Be Group at the request of the consumer or in case of need.
5.6 Direct marketing
For marketing purposes of Be Group and/or third party products and services (including but not limited to: business partners; affiliates, affiliates, and sponsors Be Group; its affiliates, co-operators) may sell, market or promote, whether such products or services are present or created in the future. Be Group may communicate with the consumer via email, phone call, SMS, post, or other forms of notice so that the consumer can receive marketing information. If the consumer wishes to unsubscribe from the procedureing of Personal Data for marketing purposes, the consumer may send a cancellation request via the unsubscribe link from receiving marketing information in email or text messages; reject incoming calls.
5.7 Development Research and Confidentiality
Be Group may use the Personal Data that Be Group collects for testing, research, analysis and development of products and services. This allows Be Group to understand and analyze consumer needs and preferences, protect consumer Personal Data, and improve and enhance safety and security of its products, services, websites. electronic applications Be of Be Group, developing the features, products, new services and enabling solutions to the financial, insurance, …
5.8 Ensuring security, safety and legal matters
Be Group uses consumer’s Personal Data to protect the safety of consumer and others while providing/using the service by (i) verifying, verifying identity upon request and providing/to use the service, (ii) when Be Group is requested, consulted, recommended or required by entities, individuals, legal counselors, finance, accounting, auditing, insurance , (iii) sharing the Consumer’s identity and related information with an authorized agency or person of a state agency in accordance with law.
In addition, Be Group uses the Consumer’s Personal Data in connection with the split, split, merger, acquisition, joint venture, sale of company assets, consolidation, restructuring, finance, and financial transactions. business or acquisition of all or part of Be Group’s business.
5.9 For other purposes
– To maintain and manage any software updates and/or other updates and support may be required from time to time to secure products, services, websites and application Be of Be Group operates smoothly;
– To prevent or investigate any fraudulent, illegal, flawed, or misconduct, whether or not it has taken place, in connection with consumer’s use of Be’s products or services. Group or not or any problem arising out of the consumer’s relationship with Be Group;
– Any other purposes that Be Group informs consumer at the time of obtaining consumer’s permission or when Be Group has strictly complied with applicable laws and this Privacy Policy.

6. Do Not Share Personal Data

Be Group will not provide or disclose consumer Personal Data to any third party, except under certain circumstances necessary for the performance of one or more of the Personal Data collection purposes set forth in the Policy. This Security is as follows:
– Be Group’s business cooperation partners, affiliates, affiliates, subsidiaries, affiliates, and individuals related to the provision/use of products and services. consumer’s request;
– Departments/departments, officers, employees and agents of Be Group include but are not limited to: payment procedureing, support, debt collection, background check, operation;
– Service providers such as: storage equipment/software provider; data analysis provider; marketing partner; financial and insurance partners; identity identification service provider; legal consultancy organizations, units and individuals; organization, audit unit, financial consultant;
– Organizing and implementing programs, events with association, co-implementing with Be Group to provide products, services, preferential programs and utilities to consumers;
– Courts, specialized state regulatory agencies (including domestic and/or foreign regulators), judgment enforcement agencies, tax authorities or other competent authorities to which Be Group is required to be disclosed in accordance with applicable law;
– Any organization or individual in accordance with applicable laws or regulations or agreement/contract/commitment between related parties allows or requires information disclosure to them.

7. Use of Cookies

7.1 Cookies are data files small is set on the device Consumers when consumers visit the electronic information or applications Be Be’s Group or the consumer access to the online advertising of Be Group or a provider for BeGroup. Cookies and similar technologies are used to identify Consumer’s device for the following purposes:
– allow Be Group’s server to determine whether the Consumer’s set cookies are enabled or disabled and from there Be Group can see whether data can be collected from the consumer;
– store the consumer’s access preferences, so that the consumer does not have to re-select the options when the consumer returns to Be Group’s website or Be Group application;
– temporarily allow the consumer to carry information between Be Group’s websites or Be Group applications and avoid the need for you to re-enter these information;
– track your visit to Be Group’s website or Be app, from which Be Group can record new and current visitors to Be’s website or application. Group and evaluate the effectiveness;
– temporarily store information to access Be Group’s website or Be application for a better consumer experience;
– make Be Group’s website or Be application more practical than the consumer’s needs;
– providing online advertising and deals on electronic information or applications Be of Be Group or third party in order to attract the attention of consumers.
7.2 These cookies may be installed on consumer’s device by Be Group or by a third party on behalf of Be Group (for example, advertising network or service provider such as web traffic analysis service. ). Most websites or mobile applications are set up to accept cookies. The consumer may still choose to “not accept” cookies by changing the settings on the Consumer’s browser and application, but if the Consumer blocks all cookies, including extremely necessary cookies, the Consumer You may experience that some functions on Be Group’s website or Be app will not function properly.

8. Supervision

To the extent permitted by law, Be Group may record, record and monitor electronic communications between consumer and Be Group to ensure compliance with regulatory and regulatory obligations and Be Group’s internal policy for Personal Data collection purposes.

9. Methods For consumers To Access, Adjust, and Destroy Your Personal Data

consumer has the right to check, update, correct or cancel his/her personal information:
– By logging into the account of consumers on the pages of electronic information, the app Be the Be Group (if any), then edit your personal information; or
– consumer may request access and/or request to correct Personal Data, request to limit or cancel consumer’s procedureing of Personal Data (unless otherwise provided by law to be canceled) and/or raise any questions related to the consumer’s Personal Data by sending information to email: [email protected] or by contacting the operator by phone: 1900 232345 .

10. Retention of Personal Data

Be Group stores consumer Personal Data for legal, administrative, sales and operational purposes.
Be Group will store the Personal Data provided by consumer during the provision of products or services or until the purpose of collection is completed or until consumer requests to cancel, delete or prevent the access and use of the Personal Data provided. Where applicable law allows or requires the consumer’s Personal Data to be permanently stored or for a definite period of time, Be Group will comply with, perform its obligation to store Personal Data. by Law.

11. Associated Website and Application Sites

This Privacy Policy of Be Group does not apply to third-party websites and affiliate apps that place online advertisements for products, services, websites, Be Group’s applications or to third-party websites and apps that Be Group does not operate or control.

12. Amendment, Supplement to Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be amended and supplemented from time to time and periodically reviewed by Be Group.
Be Group reserves the right to amend and supplement the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy at any time by posting it on Be Group’s website and/or Be application . By continuing to access, register for, or use Be Group’s products, services, website or Be app after modifying, updating or modifying this Privacy Policy, the Guest consumer agrees to accept amendments and supplements from Be Group.

13. Information Collection and Management Unit

Be Group consumer support center.

Contact information:
– Email: [email protected]
– Phone: 1900 23 23 45

14. Effect And Transitions

This Privacy Policy is amended and supplemented on July 15, 2020.
The Personal Data previously collected, procedureed, used, disclosed and stored will continue to be collected, procedureed, used, disclosed and kept in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy. This secret. This Privacy Policy is an integral content of the Operation Regulations of the Be E- commerce platform, the General Terms of Use published by Be Group at the website address: consumers need to regularly access this website to update any amendments and supplements (if any).

Information Management And Control Measures On The Be app

Prohibited acts on the Be app and handling measures:

1. For Drivers

Manual suspension for the following violations:

Act in connection with Sexual Harassment with Consumer/Driver/Be Group employee (by behavior; text, text message, phone, email, social network or verbal)
1st time: 15-days Account Suspension
2nd time: Account Disabled
Committing criminal acts
1st time: Account Disabled
Propagating or persuading others to spread fraudulent or fake news, defaming Be Group, Be Group officers and employees directly or through the media
1st time: Account Disabled
Using fake data and accounts to register accounts: driver license, fake ID card, account usage is terminated, …
1st time: Account Disabled
The account of the driver or the consumer has a sign of being attacked or compromised by a third party
1st time: 15-days Account Suspension
2nd time: Account Disabled
Driving recklessly, exceeding the prescribed speed, unsafe, causing serious accident
1st time: Account Disabled
Distributing information on phone numbers, pictures or other information of other consumers by any means (including social networks)
1st time: Account Disabled
The driver has an act of insulting honor, dignity, and harm to be Group’s employees
1st time: 15-days Account Suspension
2nd time: Account Disabled
The driver uses drugs and alcohol affect the safety of the trip
1st time: 15-days Account Suspension
2nd time: Account Disabled
Giving goods or money to be Group employees for the purpose of breaking the rules
1st time: Account Disabled
Discovered or reported to carry a sharp weapon or a stimulant while on an order
1st time: Account Disabled
The driver has an argument, provoking a fight (verbally or in writing) with the consumer during or after the trip
1st time: Account Disabled
Drop the consumer off the bus before reaching the drop-off point or ask another driver to take the trip
1st time: 7-days Account Suspension
2nd time: 15-days Account Suspension
3rd time: Account Disabled
Wrong vehicle (not matching license plate)
1st time: Warning
2nd time: 7-days Account Suspension
3rd time: 15-days Account Suspension
Fight/Quarrel with other Be Group Drivers in front of consumers or in public areas (Active/Inactive)
1st time: Warning
2nd time: 7-days Account Suspension
3rd time: 15-days Account Suspension
Prevent other Drivers from fulfilling their orders
1st time: Warning
2nd time: 7-days Account Suspension
3rd time: 15-days Account Suspension
Contact consumer for matters other than ordering
1st time: Warning
2nd time: 7-days Account Suspension
3rd time: 15-days Account Suspension
Request consumer to pay additional charges (tip, parking fee, gas cost, …)
1st time: Warning
2nd time: 7-days Account Suspension
3rd time: 15-days Account Suspension
Bring a stranger while making an order
1st time: 7-days Account Suspension
2nd time: 15-days Account Suspension
3rd time: Account Disabled
Speeding, disobeying traffic rules, driving while not alert, using a mobile phone while driving or violating common driving directions (unsafe driving)
1st time: Warning
2nd time: Warning
3rd time: 15-days Account Suspension
The driver does not pick up consumers but still presses to end the trip
1st time: Warning
2nd time: 7-days Account Suspension
3rd time: 15-days Account Suspension
Smoking while driving, initiating an order without confirmation to the consumer and other problems causing inconvenience to the consumer (inconvenience)
1st time: Warning
2nd time: 7-days Account Suspension
3rd time: 15-days Account Suspension
Give the reason for not receiving the order and force the consumer to cancel the order
1st time: Warning
2nd time: 7-days Account Suspension
3rd time: 15-days Account Suspension
Unprofessional, rude attitude towards consumers
1st time: Warning
2nd time: 7-days Account Suspension
3rd time: 15-days Account Suspension
Not wearing fully equipped (fully equipped including 2 helmets, 1 T-shirt or jacket)
1st time: Warning
2nd time: Warning
3rd time: 15-days Account Suspension
Press the button “Start of the trip” before picking up and meeting the consumer
1st time: 7-days Account Suspension
2nd time: 15-days Account Suspension
3rd time: Account Disabled
Complained by consumer about vehicle condition or not clean clothes/helmet
1st time: Warning
2nd time: Warning
3rd time: 7 days account lockout
Drop off at a location different from the one booked in the Be app, or decline the correct route on the Be app
1st time: 7-days Account Suspension
2nd time: 15-days Account Suspension
Automatic suspension across the system:

Commits frauds for Profiteering purposes on Be Group’s policy, including but not limited to making fake trips
1st time: 15-days Account Suspension
2nd time: Account Disabled
Coordinate with other Be Group Drivers, consumers, relatives and friends to commit fraudulent acts for Profiteering purposes under Be Group’s policy, including but not limited to making fake trips
1st time: 15-days Account Suspension
2nd time: Account Disabled
Using other suspicious devices or apps to fulfill an order to fraudulently
1st time: Account Disabled
Has a below average star rating
1st time: Warning
2nd time: 7-days Account Suspension
3rd time: 15-days Account Suspension
Data/order control when making an order
1st time: Account Disabled
Share device/apps Be with others
1st time: 7-days Account Suspension
2nd time: 7-days Account Suspension
3rd time: 15-days Account Suspension
There are suspicious transactions on the wallet aimed at fraud
1st time: 7-days Account Suspension
2nd time: 15-days Account Suspension
3rd time: Account Disabled

2. For consumers

Manual suspension:

Act involving Sexual Harassment against Driver (written or verbal) (serious offense: 1 will be locked; minor offense: 2 will be locked)
1st time: Warning
2nd time: 15-days Account Suspension
3rd time: Account Disabled
Committing criminal acts in the Be Group’s ride
1st time: Account Disabled
Propagate or persuade others to spread fraudulent or fake news or defame Be Group directly or through the media
1st time: Account Disabled
Deliberately reporting and responding to untrue information, adversely affecting the driver
1st time: Account Disabled
Distributing Driver’s phone number, photo or other information by any means with malicious intent
1st time: Account Disabled
consumers have acts of threatening, offending the honor and dignity of Be Group’s employees
1st time: 15-days Account Suspension
2nd time: Account Disabled
Giving goods or money to Be Group employees for the purpose of breaking Be Group’s rules
1st time: Account Disabled
Discovered and reported carrying weapons or drugs during the trip
1st time: Account Disabled
The consumer has the act of hitting or threatening to kill (verbally or text or text message, through the use of social networks) with the Driver before, during or after the trip.
1st time: Account Disabled
No payment/inadequate payment for the Driver
1st time: Account Disabled
Contact the Driver for the purpose of soliciting through rival companies before/during/after the trip (2 violations against 2 different drivers)
1st time: 15-days Account Suspension
2nd time: Account Disabled
consumer cannot contact/phone number is not real
1st time: Warning
2nd time: Warning
3rd time: 7 days account lockout
Guests told guests not to book flights
1st time: Warning
2nd time: Warning
3rd time: 7 days account lockout
consumer waits for the driver to arrive then cancel/cannot be contacted
1st time: Warning
2nd time: 7-days Account Suspension
3rd time: 15-days Account Suspension
Guests book multiple trips at once and go with the driver who comes first
1st time: Warning
2nd time: Warning
3rd time: 15-days Account Suspension
Automatic suspension:

Execute orders/create fake accounts or unusual transactions on the wallet through Be Group’s system for profit
1st time: Warning
2nd time: 7-days Account Suspension
3rd time: 15-days Account Suspension
Cooperate with Be Group Driver to make fake orders or unusual transactions on wallet through Be Group’s system for profit
1st time: Warning
2nd time: 15-days Account Suspension
3rd time: Account Disabled
Committing fraud on Be Group promotions
1st time: 7-days Account Suspension
2nd time: 15-days Account Suspension
consumer has invalid account
1st time: 7-days Account Suspension
2nd time: 15-days Account Suspension
3rd time: Account Disabled
Note: if the consumer is warned 3 times, it will be equal to 1 permanent termination.
3. The mechanism of checking and controlling information on e-commerce services of the Management Board of E-commerce platform #Be
Adopt the reporting system to check and control information and detect and handle frauds and violations of regulations in service use.
The information review and control will combine the manual methods, technology and automation of Be Group. When detecting violations, depending on the level that there will be different sanctions.
The Management Board of Be E-commerce platform reserves the right to decide on the storage or removal of infringing information or coordinate with the competent State agency to resolve in case of serious violations.
consumers who detect violations, have the right to notify BE GROUP Joint Stock Company through emailing: [email protected] or contact the switchboard 1900 232345. consumer care department will have task of receiving, checking and handling appropriately with the above violations.

Electronic Contract Conclusion procedure
This electronic transport contract signing procedure is issued by Be Group Joint Stock Company, tax code 0108269207, address: 16th floor, Sai Gon Tower, 29 Le Duan, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 , Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (“Be Group”) and legally binding on individuals who register and use transport services through the Be application (“consumer”).
This procedure prescribes the order and procedures for signing consumer transportation contracts under electronic contracts.
Be Group, to the extent of the law, has the right to change, adjust and supplement this procedure to suit the actual operating situation and take effect immediately after changes, adjustments and changes. additional. Be Group will post notices of changes, modifications and additions on Be Group’s website and through the Be app . Therefore, the Consumer should periodically visit this page to update the newly changed terms.
The contract conclusion procedure is as follows:

1. Components of the contract

Contract for the carriage of consumers under an electronic contract includes the following parts:
(i) Contract for the carriage of consumers under an electronic contract by car (“Contract of carriage”): specifies the contract and specifies the terms: method, contract term; services provided; service prices (charges), fees, surcharges; payments and invoices; rights and obligations of the parties (Be Group, Driver, Lessee, consumer), dispute resolution mechanism; validity of the contract; retrieval and storage of contracts.
(ii) Annex of transport contract: detailing the minimum information of the service, including: driver’s information (full name, phone number); information about the consumer (full name, year of birth, list, number of consumers); vehicle information (license plate; seats); information for each trip (pick up point, drop off point, distance, itinerary).

2. Order of entering into the contract of carriage and appendix of the carriage contract

In order to use the E-Contract consumer Carriage service through the Be application , the consumer must agree to enter into a contract and contract addendum (s) for each particular ride (pickaxe).

2.1. Contract of carriage

The shipping contract will be concluded once when the consumer registers the Be app account and according to the following order and procedures:
Step 1: Offer to enter into a contract of carriage
– After downloading the Be application , the consumer registers to use the service through the Be application , the request for contract commitment is sent to the consumer. consumers click to select “Shipping Contract” to view the content of the contract.
Step 2: Accept the offer to enter into a contract of carriage
– consumer, by entering phone number, then selecting “Continue” and entering the OTP notified by Be Group by SMS to the consumer’s phone number, it is understood that consumer has agreed to enter into the transporation contract, accept and comply with the terms and conditions of the Contract of Carriage.
– In case of disapproving the conclusion of a contract, the consumer may refuse to enter into the contract by not entering the OTP code and exiting (closing) the Be application .

2.2. Enter into the contract of carriage appendix (s)

Addendum of transport contract will be concluded many times, corresponding to the number of requests to provide services by the consumer through the Be application in the order and procedures as follows:
Step 1: Submit the request for service provision and enter the shipping contract appendix
– When there is a need to use the service, through the Be application, the consumer enters the pick-up point and drop-off point point and then click on “Book a car”, means that the consumer has sent the request for service provision and signed contract appendix of carriage to Be Group.
Step 2: Accept the offer to enter the transport contract addendum
– consumer’s request to enter the transport contract appendix will be transmitted by the system to Be Group and Driver. In case Driver receives a consumer’s service request through the Be application, it is understood as an addendum of the transport contract has been successfully entered into.
– In the absence of a driver to receive the service request, it is understood that the transport contract addendum has not been concluded yet. To request the service again, repeat from Step 1.

3. Amendment and supplementation of contents of the transport contract and the transport contract annex
3.1. For contract of carriage

– The transport contract can be amended and supplemented at the discretion of Be Group to comply with current law provisions and the actual operation situation. The amendment, supplement will take effect immediately after Be Group notices the amendments and supplements to the consumer.
– Be Group will post notices of amendments and supplements on the website of Be Group and through the Be application .
– By continuing to submit a service request through the Be app at any time after Be Group sends notice of amendments and supplements, it is understood that the consumer has read, agreed to and accepted to comply with the contract. contract (including amendments and supplements).
– In case the consumer does not agree with the amended and supplemented content, the consumer has the right to stop using the service.

3.2. To the contract of carriage appendix (s)

– consumers add information (surname and name) of the accompanying consumer (s) to the consumer list displayed on the Be application .
– Other cases of amendment and supplementation by agreement and direct agreement between the parties.

4. Retrieve the contract

4.1. To retrieve the Transport Contract, the consumer selects the menu bar on the Be application and selects the “Transport contract” item to review the contents of the signed carriage.
4.2. To retrieve a transport contract addendum, Driver or Consumer select the menu bar on the Be application , go to “History” and select the trip to review the transport contract addendum.
4.3. In case the Consumer and Driver are taking a trip (providing and using the service), the Consumer and Driver can select the “Trip details” displayed on the Be app to view details of the Agreements. shipping and shipping contract appendix.

5. Contract form and carrier contract appendix

Independence – Freedom – Happiness
This Contract for the Carriage of consumer Under this Electronic Contract by Car (hereinafter referred to as “Contract”) is established between:
I. Service Provider
Address: 16th Floor, Sai Gon Tower, 29 Le Duan, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tax code: 0108269207
Phone: 1900 232345
Represented by: Ms. Vu Hoang Yen – General Director, legal representative
(Hereinafter referred to as “BE GROUP” or “Unit of Transport” or “Company”).

II. Parties using the service

As hotels Goods registered using the application Be wishing to use the services of consumer transport by car are less than 9 seats.
The consumer’s full name, address, telephone number and tax code (if any) according to the consumer information provided when registering to use the Be application , are displayed on the consumer application Be .
(hereinafter referred to as “Lessee” or “consumer”).
BE GROUP and the Transport Lessee sign this Agreement on a voluntary basis; The Contract is entered into by the two parties electronically through the Be application according to the Regulation on the operation management of Be e-commerce platform registered and operated by the Company in accordance with the law on e-commerce and the law. relevant current.
This Agreement includes 02 (two) parts:

Part I: General Terms
Part II: specific terms:

Regulations on minimum contents of a contract for the carriage of consumers by car in electronic form in accordance with the current law on car transport business.
The specific terms and conditions of the Contract are as follows:

Article 1: Mode of commitment, term of the contract

1. Mode of contract conclusion
a) The parties agree to accept the conclusion of this Agreement electronically through the Be application , as valid as a written contract and as evidence.
b) procedure of entering into electronic contracts: According to Appendix 4 of the current Regulation on the management of Be application activities published by BE GROUP according to the regulations on Be application and/or on BE’s website GROUP.
2. Time to enter into the contract
c) consumer when registering to use Be application (application software supporting transport connection on mobile devices operated by BE GROUP or a member unit of BE GROUP), after providing the information requested about full name, address, telephone number and other requested information; Be app will display the content of this Contract; After the consumer has read the entire displayed contract content and voluntarily agree to all contents of the contract by pressing the button agree to register to use the Be application for BE GROUP’s review and approval.
d) The time this Contract is entered into between the Parties is the time BE GROUP approves the consumer to use the Be application (application for the consumer) in accordance with the transaction procedure announced on the Be application. and BE GROUP’s website.
3. Contract Term: From the time of entering into the Contract in Clause 1.2 of this Article until the consumer’s Be Application Account is terminated under this Agreement and/or under the Application Operation Regulations. The current be has been announced and announced by BE GROUP.

Article 2: Transportation services

1. The services provided under this Agreement are the transport of contract consumers by car with less than 09 (nine) seats connected to provide the service through the Be application ; And the consumer has the need to rent the whole trip (including the driver’s rental) (hereinafter referred to as: “Service”).
2. Information about each trip: Time of starting and ending (date, time); the origin address, the end-point address and the pick-up and drop-off points on the itinerary; the distance of the transport itinerary (km); the number of guests; And other necessary content selected by the consumer, displayed on the Be application for the consumer’s voluntary decision to use the Service by the consumer’s operation to book a ride on the Be app . The recorded information on each trip, displayed on the Be application in this Article becomes an Appendix of the Contract, which is an integral part of this Agreement.

Article 3: Service prices, surcharges, fees

1. Service prices including: freight, high demand surcharges and value added service charges provided by BE GROUP (if any) per ride (ride) displayed on the application Be let the consumer know before deciding to send a request to provide the Service (execute the order “Booking” on the Be application ). For avoidance of doubt, if the consumer has initiated a Service request it is understood that the consumer has accepted the Service Price for that ride.
2. Service prices include value added tax in accordance with current law.
3. The service price does not include: tolls, ferries and yards. These fees/charges are not included in the Service Price to calculate commercial discounts or promotions (if any). The consumer or the consumer will pay these fees/expenses directly to the Driver according to the actual arising of each ride. In case the consumer, consumer does not pay directly in cash to the Driver and the consumer chooses to pay the surcharge on the Be application , BE GROUP will collect the fees/charges to pay back to Driver.

Article 4: Payment and invoice

1. consumers can choose one of the following payment methods: Cash payment, bank card, e-wallet linked to Be application ; or other valid payment methods displayed on the Be app selected by the consumer prior to the trip in accordance with each type of Transportation Product/Service provided by BE GROUP from time to time.
2. Time of payment: Prepayment or payment right after the end of the trip, depending on the payment method for each product announced by BE GROUP on the application.
3. Service Invoice provided to consumer is an electronic invoice. BE GROUP sends the electronic invoice of the trip to the Be application account and/or the consumer’s registered email with BE GROUP and BE GROUP sends e-invoice information to the Tax authorities in accordance with applicable law. relevant in each period.
4. Where, the freight, surcharge, and expenses of the consumer/consumer are paid (paid/sponsored) by the Enterprise, other entities or organizations (collectively referred to as Corporate consumers), the payment (method, time) and the issuance of Service Invoice are done according to the Transport Service Contract signed between BE GROUP and the Enterprise Consumer.

Article 5: Rights and obligations of BE GROUP

1. Request the Carrier/consumer to pay fully and promptly the Service Price arising under this Agreement.
2. Refuse to provide the Service, lock or temporarily lock the Be account of the Carrier/consumer if there is any violation of the regulations, service regulations of BE GROUP and/or the regulations of law.
3. Request consumer/consumer to provide correct, complete and truthful information including but not limited to: full name, address, ID/CCCD number, email, phone number, other necessary information in accordance with the law when registering, using the Service and entering into this Agreement.
4. Submit notification and/or disconnect the Be App Account if:
a) The payment has expired but the consumer fails to fully pay the Service Charge, payable to BE GROUP; or
b) the consumer and/or the consumer violates the terms of this Agreement; or the consumer and/or the consumer violates the Operation Regulations, Terms of Use, the Code of Conduct of Be E- commerce trading floor published by BE GROUP from time to time.
5. To be exempt from liability for consumer and/or consumers’ disclosures resulting in unauthorized use of consumer’s Be application Account without immediately informing the BE GROUP representative. Apply for Be. If the disclosure of access information results in the arising of Service Charges, the consumer is solely responsible and must pay the BE GROUP for such amount.
6. BE GROUP reserves the right to waive liability in cases where the consumer/consumer cannot use the Be application to book the Service in the following cases:
a) Hardware or software failure is completely out of BE GROUP’s reasonable control;
b) Internet network error, machine failure, or system failure, discontinued during system maintenance, affected by force majeure events.
7. Guide the consumer on steps to download, register and activate the App Account be.
8. To be responsible for purchasing personal accident insurance for the User who is on the Trip in accordance with his or her financial ability in each period.
9. To fulfill all tax obligations arising from the transport service provision in accordance with law.
10. Other rights and obligations as provided for by law.

Article 6. Rights and obligations of drivers

1. The driver has the right (under the authorization of BE GROUP and the driver’s own Transport Enterprise/Cooperative) to collect freight and freight according to the Contract signed with the consumer.
2. Drivers have the following rights:
a) Refuse to transport the consumer that causes insecurity, order or safety on the vehicle or is suffering from a dangerous epidemic; reserves the right to refuse to carry prohibited goods, flammable, explosive, or live animals;
b) Refusing to transport before the vehicle leaves the place to pick up and disembark consumers under the transport contract, the persons on the list of contracts have acts of disrupting public order, obstructing the operator’s work. loading, affecting the health and property of others, cheating the freight;
c) Have the right to refuse to operate the vehicle when detecting that the vehicle fails to satisfy safety conditions, the vehicle has no cruise monitoring device or is installed but is not operational.
3. Responsible driver: When providing the Service, having a civilized and polite attitude, guiding consumers to sit at the prescribed place; Check the luggage arrangement to ensure safety; Take measures to protect the lives, health and property of consumers on the ride, maintain order and hygiene in the vehicle; Close the vehicle doors before and during the ride.
4. Drivers must strictly and fully comply with the traffic safety procedures applicable to transport business units by car in accordance with the law, BE GROUP and DN/Cooperative. The load is its owning entity, including but not limited to the implementation of:
a) Before leaving the vehicle, the driver must check the technical safety condition of the vehicle, including the following main contents: Check the cruise monitoring device for good working condition; Check coolant, engine oil, battery, belt; Test the steering system; Check the wheels (wheel bolt tightness, tire condition and pressure); Start the vehicle and check the operation of the wipers, horns and lights; Check the brake system operation (brake); Record the test results on vehicle technical safety inspection results sheet or update to software (if any) as prescribed. In the event of an inspection that does not meet the requirements, depending on the level of each item, the organization can immediately fix or report immediately to the functional department of the Transport enterprise/cooperative that is the managing unit of yourself to handle;
b) When the vehicle is operating on the road, the driver must strictly abide by the traffic safety regulations while operating the vehicle to transport consumers, comply with the regulations on continuous driving time and time the driver’s day work time, speed regulation; immediately report the time, location and the cause of the traffic unsafety incident so that BE GROUP and/or Transport DN/Cooperative is its managing unit to take timely measures;
c) When the vehicle finishes the trip, the driver must perform the following tasks: must use his/her driver identification card to log out information through the card reader of the vehicle’s cruise monitoring device; After finishing the trip, before leaving the vehicle, the driver must check to make sure there are no more consumers on the vehicle; Traffic safety reports on the trip.
5. Carry out consumer transportation according to the itinerary, schedule according to the Transport Contract displayed on the application be; Only pick up and drop off consumers at the correct locations shown in the app be; Do not collect or pick up guests from the list according to the consumer’s order through the application be; not confirm reservations for each consumer riding, not sell tickets or collect money for each consumer in any form; It is not allowed to assign a fixed itinerary or schedule to serve many consumers or many different charterers.
6. In addition to emergency activities, serving urgent tasks such as natural calamities and enemy sabotage at the request of functional forces, cars transporting consumers under contract may not pick up and drop off consumers outside the areas. Points according to the Contract of Shipping displayed on the Be application .
7. The driver of the connected vehicle providing services through the Be application must have appropriate smartphones or electronic devices as required by BE GROUP to access the interface showing the transport contract. Electronic consumer list and consumer list according to regulations of the Ministry of Transport.
8. Keep the vehicle clean, do not use technical measures, peripheral equipment or other measures to interfere with the operation, disrupt (or interfere) with GPS or GSM waves or otherwise data deviation of the vehicle tracking device.
9. Not to carry more than the number of people allowed to carry and not to exceed the total volume allowed in traffic inscribed in the automobile’s technical safety and environmental protection inspection certificate; the luggage must be arranged evenly in the luggage compartment, ensuring that it is not moved during the transportation; Not to carry prohibited goods, flammable or explosive goods, live animals, non-origin goods, dirty food.
10. To transport consumers from the starting point to the correct place, by the agreed means safely, according to the itinerary; Ensure enough room for consumers and do not carry in excess of the number of people, over the prescribed load.
11. Ensuring the full satisfaction of the conditions for transport business with vehicles and for business drivers.
12. Fully comply with the provisions agreed in this Contract; provisions of law; policies, regulations, terms of use, regulations, service standards announced, announced by BE GROUP and or its own transport enterprises/cooperatives during business cooperation.
13. To be responsible and pay related parties fully and on time the costs and obligations as agreed in this Agreement and other contracts, agreements and agreements.
14. Commitment, ensuring for vehicles participating in their business have all conditions in accordance with the current law and requirements of BE GROUP. Ensure timely, prompt and timely maintenance of vehicles participating in business cooperation, technical inspection and maintenance according to traffic safety standards before providing services.
15. Not to hand over the vehicle to another person who is ineligible to operate the vehicle in any form or to carry weapons or explosives, stinking goods and banned goods … prohibited by law. It is forbidden to use the vehicle to transport or commit illegal acts. If performing these acts, they take full responsibility before the law and the third party.
16. Fully participate in training sessions on how to use the Be Applicationfor users, service delivery standards, payment methods and other content to improve the quality of drivers participating in the application be.
17. Carry out other responsibilities as stipulated in the Law on Road Traffic, Decree No. 10/2020/ND-CP and other relevant laws.
18. The driver undertakes to:
a) Ensure that the working time for business car drivers must not exceed 10 (ten) hours in a day and must not drive continuously for more than 04 (four) hours or the time prescribed by law;
b) Provide the transport services under this contract fairly to all consumers, regardless of whether or not to use promotional codes, freight codes provided by BE GROUP; regardless of cash, payment card, prepaid or postpaid payment; regardless of whether consumers travel for short or long distances; other forms of discrimination that damage beige brands and cause disgust to society;
c) Participate in all professional training sessions for the practitioner on road traffic law, must strictly abide by and comply with the Law on Road Traffic, ensure traffic safety and ensure safety of consumers’ lives and assets in business activities;
d) Take full responsibility for any civil damage compensation/non-Contract compensation as prescribed for the Driver, vehicle owner when causing the accident;
e) To take full responsibility for the payment of costs of fines incurred for the administrative violation while in traffic;
f) Commitment to absolute confidentiality of consumer information; information about this Agreement.
19. Drivers are obliged to comply with the following regulations for their vehicles:
a) Fulfill the rights and obligations prescribed by law for the type of consumer transportation business under the Transport Contract for cars with less than 9 seats), including safety assurance, rights and legal benefits for consumers, quality of vehicle, license plate, quality of driver, quality of service… in accordance with current law;
b) Posting up and maintaining: name and phone number of the transport business unit on the outer ends of the body or both sides of the vehicle door;
c) Having a valid badges “VEHICLE CONTRACTS” issued by a competent state agency in accordance with current law;
d) Post up and maintain a recognizable driver position when operating a vehicle with the slogan: “Human life is first” according to the form prescribed by the Ministry of Transport;
e) Post up at the correct location and maintain the Decal: “CONTRACT VEHICLE” according to the form, size and reflective material prescribed by the Ministry of Transport;
f) On a vehicle equipped with an escape device, a fire extinguisher that is still usable and has a shelf life as prescribed;
g) Paste, install equipment and regularly maintain Logo Be on vehicles in accordance with BE GROUP’s regulations;
h) Comply with and take responsibility for ensuring promotional and marketing mechanisms (if any) for Consumers listed on Be app .
20. The driver understands, agrees and acknowledges that in the case of Driver committing violations of the law, contrary to the ethics, general social standards or with the standards of service quality BE GROUP’s code of conduct for consumers is issued from time to time. In this case, BE GROUP reserves the right to suspend or permanently terminate the provision of the Be application .
21. The driver undertakes to ensure and is fully responsible for the legality, validity, authenticity and updating of the information and documents provided under this Agreement.
22. Undertaking to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations under this Agreement and the current Vietnamese law provisions applicable to the means of transport, the vehicle operator and the transport service business.
23. The driver commits to fully comply with the Operation Regulation of Be E- commerce floor , the General Terms of Use announced by BE GROUP at the website address: and the regulations of current related laws.
24. Commitment to fully fulfilling tax liabilities arising from the provision of transport services in accordance with the law.
25. Other rights and obligations in accordance with applicable laws.

Article 7: Rights and obligations of Charterers and consumers

1. Request BE GROUP, Driver to provide service in accordance with this Agreement.
2. consumers have the following rights: To be transported in accordance with this Agreement; Get free baggage allowance in accordance with the Company’s regulations from time to time and with a size consistent with the vehicle’s design; To refuse the trip before the vehicle departs and the fare will be refunded according to BE GROUP’s regulations.
3. To lodge complaints, make recommendations, or reflect acts of violation of regulations on transport management by transport and driver business units and to request compensation for damage (if any) according to the provisions of law. .
4. Provide true, complete and truthful information including but not limited to: full name, address, valid ID/CCCD/passport number, email, phone number, other necessary information according to regulations of the law when registering, using the Service and entering into this Agreement.
5. Provide correct and complete information including but not limited to: pick up point, drop-off point, number of accompanied consumers and other personal information as required by the contract of carriage in accordance with the provisions of the Decree. Decree 10/2020/ND-CP and relevant laws.
6. Be present at the pick-up point place on time as agreed; comply with transport regulations; comply with the instructions of the driver, the executive staff of BE GROUP on the regulations on ensuring traffic order and safety.
7. To abide by the rules while riding to ensure safety, security and order on the vehicle; Get on and off the bus at the pick up and drop off points as prescribed.
8. consumers, consumers undertake not to perform the following acts:
a) Baggage, items and property carried by the consumer/consumer on the list of goods banned from circulation or conditional circulation according to the current law provisions.
b) The consumer/consumer requests a driver to transport more than the prescribed number of people; going on forbidden roads, narrow and dangerous roads; running in excess of the permitted speed; transporting a wanted person; Other requirements may cause traffic unsafety and any other illegal acts.
BE GROUP and/or the Driver has the right to refuse service if the consumer/consumer violates this commitment.
9. Pay charges, pay in full for service charges and surcharges (if any) under this Agreement.
10. consumer commits to fully comply with the Operation Regulations of Be E- commerce floor , the General Terms of Use announced by BE GROUP at the website:, on the application Be and the relevant applicable laws.
11. Other rights and obligations in accordance with current relevant laws.

Article 8: Penalties for violations and compensation for damage

1. Any party that breaches this Agreement and causes damage to the other Party, the Breaching Party shall be responsible for compensating the aggrieved Party for all actual and direct damages arising that the Respondent must incur in accordance with the provisions of law, but in any case, the compensation for damages does not exceed the total actual service charges of 02 (two) months prior to the breaching month of the Breaching Party’s contract.
2. The carrier is not required to compensate for any damage to the consumer’s life, health and baggage if the damage is caused entirely by the consumer’s fault, unless otherwise provided for by law.
3. Where the consumer breaches the agreed terms of carriage, the provisions of the carriage regulations and causes damage to the carrier or a third person, compensation must be made.
4. In case the consumer or consumer fails to pay the Service Charge; tolls, ferries, yards and other expenses in addition to Service Charges (if any), consumers and consumers are subject to penalty of late payment interest as follows: Fine amount = Amount payable x 0.05% x Number of days of late payment.
a) Amount payable: total amount the consumer must pay BE GROUP.
b) Number of days of deferred payment: is the calendar day calculated from the payment due date to the date the consumer makes actual payment to BE GROUP.
5. The driver/vehicle owner and the unit directly managing the means of transport are responsible for any civil damage compensation/non-contractual damage compensation caused by the vehicle or driver of the vehicle. to a third party in accordance with applicable law.

Article 9: Settlement of complaints

1. For any questions, complaints, Lessees please contact:
– Switchboard: 1900 23 23 45
– Email: [email protected]
2. Any claim relating to the Service provided under the Contract will be detailed by the consumer and sent to BE GROUP in writing or email (email) above within 05 (five) days. Working from the date of occurrence or discovery of the incident that led to the complaint.
3. BE GROUP only received and handled complaints occurring within 60 (sixty) days from the date of arising of the incident leading to the complaint. Within 10 (ten) Business Days after receiving the consumer’s complaint, BE GROUP is responsible for verifying and providing information related to the complaint to the consumer.
4. The Parties cooperate and settle complaints on the basis of ensuring the rights and interests of the Parties to the Contract.

Article 10: Contract Termination

The contract will terminate in the following cases:
1. consumer’s Be app account is permanently locked/deactivated.
2. Other cases as provided for by current law.

Article 11: Retrieve and archive contract

1. Lessees can access Contracts by accessing the Be application, going to the menu bar and selecting the “Shipping Agreement” item.
2. This Contract is archived for a minimum period of 03 (three) years from the date the Carrier confirmed and signed it.

Article 12: Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

1. This Agreement is established and governed by the laws of Vietnam. The content not specified in this Agreement will be applied in accordance with current relevant law.
2. All disputes related to the Contract will be resolved firstly by negotiation on the basis of mutual benefits within 30 (thirty) days from the date of arising of the dispute. In case the time limit for negotiated settlement expires but the negotiation between the Parties fails, each Party has the right to request a competent Court to settle such dispute. Each Party commits to fulfill its responsibilities to the other Party in accordance with the effective judgment/decision of the Court to settle the dispute.

Article 13: General commitments

1. The parties undertake to provide correct personal/legal information of themselves and are solely responsible for this information.
2. The two parties undertake to strictly comply with the agreed contents stated in the contract.
Article 14: Contract validity
1. The provisions of this Agreement are given priority in comparison to the Regulation on Operation of the E-commerce platform, the General Terms of Use published by BE GROUP at the website:, on Be application.
2. The contents which are not specified in this Agreement are subject to the Operation Regulations of Be E- commerce platform , the General Terms of Use published by BE GROUP at website address:, on Be application .


1. This specific terms specifies the minimum information required by the electronic contract on the provision of consumer transport services by car in accordance with the applicable law for each trip/ride is displayed on the Be application prior to the consumer’s booking the trip and the accepting driver accepts to provide the Service under this Agreement.
2. The information displayed on the Be application for each trip/ride includes:
a) Driver information: Full name, telephone number.
b) consumer information: Full name, year of birth, list and number of consumers.
c) Vehicle information: license plate and seat number.
d) Specific information for each bus: The start time and end up performing trip (date, time); the origin address, the end-point address and the pick-up and drop-off points on the itinerary; the distance of the transport trip (km).
e) Information about value of each trip (specific contract value by trip): Freight charges and surcharges, surcharges and value-added service charges.
f) Other relevant information required by BE GROUP’s regulations in each period.
3. This specific terms of each trip/ride is an integral and indispensable part of this Agreement.
4. Displayed contents of specific terms of each trip on be app are as follows: