Why can't I use a promo code?

How do I create a Be account?

How can I add / change payment method?

How do I request support for my trip?

How is the trip fee calculated after changing destination?

Is the promotion valid after changing destination?

Why can't I change destination?

What is beCorporate?

Is there a fee to use BeCorporate?

I want to register BeCorporate

How can I manage an employee's account?

What is the beLoyalty program?

How can I join the beLoyalty program?

What is BePoint?

Will BePoint expire?

What does each membership tier offer?

Can I be considered for membership upgrade?

Can my BeLoyalty membership tier downgrade?

If my membership tier downgraded, how will my offers be affected?

How can I use bePoints?

Where can I review my bePoint redemption transactions?

Can bePoint accoumulation regulations and offers change?

How do consumers know whether or not they are using the service to go within a city or to a province?

Can a consumer book a 1-way trip to a province?

What is the maximum waiting time a consumer can request? And how to calculate the waiting time?

Who will bear the tolls, parking fees and other additional charges?

Why is there a difference between the fare displayed on the app when booking and at the end of the trip? Which fare will the consumer pay for?

Does the app automatically turn on the "Be intercity" feature for the driver if the driver chooses the "Auto-accept trip" mode?

How much time does the driver have to make the decision to accept a booking of a "Be intercity" trip?

Can drivers benefit from current reward programs for drivers when they take "Be intercity" trips?

Can the driver enable/disable the "Be intercity" service at will?

In the case of trips with cash payment, if the driver has problems collecting money from the consumer (due to failure to contact the consumer or the consumer refusing to pay), does Be have any responsibility to support the driver?

If I receive a fraudulent notification message from Be, what should I do?

What happens to my income when I receive a fraudulent notification message?

What if I am found to commit fraud?

What is Be's new payout time? When will I receive the bonus and the money?

I cannot slide my trip start bar / trip start bar is not visible, what should I do?

I have joined and is currently running Be, how do I know if I am included in the new driver reward/active driver reward program?

The app always shows a request for additional documents. What should I do?

Why does the app show 4-seater car when I register for 7-seater car?

I have completed the registration process at the BeHub Partner Support Center. When will my account be activated?

I was on my way to pick up the consumer but the consumer cancelled the trip before I arrived. Can I receive support for the cost of picking up that consumer?

The driver arrived at the pick-up point and waited, but the consumer did not show up and the driver could not contact them. If the driver cancel the trip in this case, will the trip be included in the cancellation rate?

The app makes an incorrect measurement of the distance from A to B, resulting in an incorrect payment amount. Can I get a refund?

If the driver's app and the consumer's app show different amounts to be paid, how will the driver collect money?