1. Terms of the beGAME program (hereinafter referred to as: “beGAME Terms”) are issued by Be Group Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as: “Be Group”).
2. Be Group reserves the right to change, modify and supplement the content of beGAME Terms to suit the actual operation which takes effect immediately after the changes, modifications and supplementations. Be Group will post notices of the changes, modifications and supplementations on Be Group’s website and/or via the Be application. Therefore, the Consumer should periodically visit this page to update the newly changed, modified and supplemented terms.
3. These beGAME Terms are an integral content of the Operation Regulations of the Be E-commerce Platform published by Be Group at the website: www.be.com.vn. Any content that is not specified in this beGAME Terms shall be subject to the Operation Regulations of the E-commerce Platform and the law. By using the beGame feature, the Consumer has read, understood and agreed to be bound by the provisions of these beGAME Terms.
1. Purposes
In order to increase the Consumer’s experience when using the Be application, Be Group has implemented the new beGame feature on the Be application from September 15, 2020. When using the beGame feature, the Consumer can receive many attractive gifts from Be Group and/or Be Group’s cooperating partners.
2. Participants and how to join
a. Participants: all Consumers who have successfully downloaded and registered a Be application account.
b. How to join:
To experience the beGame feature:
– Step 1: Go to the Be application, select “beGame”.
– Step 2: Experience the game and enjoy the fun. How to play:
Select the vehicle for the race (beCar or beBike).
Avoid obstacles and score lots in the race.
– Step 3: Get the beGame results and see how to receive the rewards.
The Consumer is allowed up to 5 plays per day. In addition, after each play or when the race is paused, the Consumer can receive 3 more plays when clicking on “Share to get more plays”. A player’s total score for all plays during the day will be saved.
3. Rewards
Be Group will publish a list of the top 3 players with the highest scores each day. The rewards are valuable gifts that will be given to those who experience the beGame feature with the highest rankings. The reward and gift structure will be announced by Be Group on the Be application and/or on the website www.be.com.vn for participants to see.
4. How to receive the rewards
a. At the end of each day, the system will synthesize the list of winners and display the results at 00:00 the following day.
b. The rewards will be deposited in the “My Rewards” section of the Promotion category within 01 (one) working day from the date of the reward announcement and the winning player may press the “Get Reward” button. Please see the details of the Terms and Conditions of each promotional code before using.
5. Regulations of beGame
a. The program applies only on the latest Be application.
b. In the event that there are no winners of the special reward for the day, the special reward will not be accumulated on the next day.
c. The Program’s rewards may not be sold, gifted, inherited, pledged, pawned or secured for any obligation and cannot be exchanged for money.
d. Rewards in the form of promotional codes will be given to winners after Be Group has completed all relevant checks, including fraud detection checks against participants. Be Group reserves the right to refuse to reward any individual who does not provide his/her personal identification and/or makes any fraudulent transaction during the time of the program.
e. By participating in this program, the Consumer agrees to provide his/her personal information and data to Be Group as well as comply with the provisions of the Personal Information Privacy Policy issued and published by Be Group at the website: https://be.com.vn/tin-tuc/quy-che-hoat-dong-phu-luc-1.
f. When rewarding, Be Group may request the Consumer to present his/her identification or other information or perform other verification measures to confirm the identity of the reward recipient in order to avoid fraud.
g. Be Group will not be liable for any claim from the Consumer, a third party or for any loss, including or not limited to, loss of profits, loss of expectations, loss due to penalties, indirect, special, accidental loss or for any claim directly/indirectly related to, through a third party, or resulting from this program.
h. Be Group may change some terms and conditions applicable to this program from time to time to limit fraud and protect the interests of participants.
i. The Consumer undertakes not to use the beGame feature for any purpose in violation of the law.
j. Be Group reserves the right to cancel the rewards and remove the Consumer from the program if there is evidence proving that the Consumer cheats when participating in beGame.
k. No content in these Terms shall interpret beGAME as a gambling game.
These Terms are published on 09/09/2020 and come into effect 05 (five) days after being published on the website www.be.com.vn and the Be application.
Depending on the time and at the discretion of Be Group, Be Group reserves the right to amend, supplement and cancel the content of the Terms and publish such changes through the Be application and Be Group’s website before applying. By continuing to use the beGame feature, the Consumer agrees to such amended, supplemented and canceled Terms.
Before using the beGame feature, the Consumer and related parties should regularly follow and get updates on the changes of these beGame Terms of Service.

Frequent Customer Program Rules


1. Conditions of participation

  • Individuals wishing to use transport services can register to become a member of the program.
  • Consumers register for membership of the program via the Be app.
  • Consumers, upon successful registration of Membership, will become a Member of the beLoyalty program.

2. Membership Rank

a) Membership Rank

Consumers who successfully register to participate in the Program will become Members.

b) Silver Rank

(i) Qualification criteria: from 5,000 bePoint to less than 15,000 bePoint.
(ii) Members’ benefits and preferences include:
Redeem points into discounts for cars.
Redeem points for bonus truck (conversion rate: 1,000 bePoint = 1,000 VND for the trip)
Redeem points for Partner offers.

c) Gold Rank

(i) Qualification criteria: from 15,000 bePoint to less than 40,000 bePoint.
(ii) Members’ benefits and preferences include:
Redeem points into discounts for vehicles;
Redeem points for bonus truck (conversion rate: 1,000 bePoint = 1,000 VND for the trip)
Redeem points for offers from a Partner;
Redeem points for a special monthly offer.
d) Platinum Rank
(i) Qualification criteria: from 40,000 bePoint to less than 115,000 bePoint.
(ii) Members’ benefits and preferences include:
Redeem points into discounts for vehicles;
Redeem points for bonus truck (conversion rate: 1,000 bePoint = 1,000 VND for the trip)
Redeem points for offers from a Partner;
Redeem points for exclusive offers from a Partner;
Redeem points for monthly special offers;
Redeem points for quarterly special offers;
pick-up exclusive benefits from a Partner.
pick-up gifts from beGroup on birthday.
e) Diamond Rank
(i) Qualifying criteria: Achieving from 115,000 bePoint or more.
(ii) Members’ benefits and preferences include:
Redeem points into discounts for vehicles;
Redeem points for bonus truck (conversion rate: 1,000 bePoint = VND 1,000 for the trip)
Redeem points for offers from a Partner;
Redeem points for exclusive offers from a Partner;
Redeem points for monthly special offers;
Redeem points for quarterly special offers;
Free to join events sponsored by beGroup;
Privilege service exclusive to Diamond members.
Gifts from beGroup on birthday.


Article 1. Scope

The Regulation on loyalty program (hereinafter referred to as “the Regulation”) stipulates the rights and obligations of members who join the frequent flyer program.

Article 2. Subjects of application

This Regulation applies to (i) Consumers who use the services of BE GROUP Joint Stock Company through the Be Application registered to participate and meet the conditions of the frequent flyer program and ( ii) frequent flyer program partners.

Article 3. Interpretation of terms

a) “BE GROUP” means BE GROUP Joint Stock Company.
b) “Application be” means mobile application providing e-commerce services in the transportation sector established, managed and operated by BE GROUP.
c) “beLoyalty” means BE GROUP’s frequent flyer program built and developed on the basis of services provided through the application be.
d) “Partner” means an enterprise or business unit that signs a cooperation contract to provide rights, benefits and preferences to Members.
e) “Member” means an individual who has registered and completed the procedure to join the beLoyalty program.
f) “Membership Tiers” means a qualifying title for Members who join the beLoyalty and be considered on the beLoyalty criteria to enjoy various rights, benefits and privileges. Each Membership Tier will pick-up special offers exclusive to that tier group of Consumers.
g) “bePoint” means a unit of point calculation of the beLoyalty program.
h) “BeLoyalty Account” means the Member ID account, containing the Membership information (full name, ID/CCCD number; year of birth) recording the bePoints that the Member has accumulated; history of bePoint redemption transactions and other essential information.
i) “Loyalty Points” means Affiliates’ points accumulated that have not been redeemed for benefits, offers and are still valid.
j) “Qualifying Score” means the Member’s total bePoints that have been successfully converted from the freight (freight) price in one qualifying period.
k) “Ranking Period” means a period of every 06 (six) months. There are two (2) qualifying periods in a year, including: The first period from January 1 to June 30; The second period is from July 1 to December 31.
l) “Offer” means a discount or other benefit according to each Member Class eligible for or redeeming bePoint points.

Article 4. Registration to join the beLoyalty program

Membership requirements
To become a member of the beLoyalty program, Consumers need to download and register a beLoyalty app account. beGroup will ask Consumers to provide information to identify the Member (full name, ID/CCCD number; year of birth).
Member understands, undertakes and warrants to be the sole owner of the app account be.
Member is responsible for providing, updating information (full name, ID/CCCD number; year of birth), ensuring all information provided for application account registration and Membership registration. is correct, complete. If any information you provide is incorrect or up to date, you may not pick-up the benefit (s) of the program.

Article 5. Membership Class and Membership Ranking Process

a) When joining the BeLoyalty Program, Consumers will become a Member of the program. Members will be ranked into different tiers based on the Member’s Ranking Score during the Ranking Period. Membership Tiers include: Membership Tiers, Silver Level, Gold Level, Platinum Level and Diamond Rank.
b) At the start of the program (December 16, 2019), if the Member has used the service via the Be app before, the Member will be ranked based on all Members’ trips. From July 1, 2019 to December 8, 2019.. From the start of the program, Members are entitled to the benefits of the respective Class and participate to accumulate points to qualify for the next period. according to the.
c) Every time you use the service via the Be app, you will pick-up a bePoint. Once a Member’s Ranking Score reaches the minimum qualifying criteria for a higher Membership tier, the Member will be upgraded and pick-up the benefits, benefits and privileges offered to that Membership tier group. Members can check their Membership Tiers by browsing the beLoyalty on the be app.
d) On the last day of the Ranking Period, the Member will be determined for the next period’s Membership Rank based on the Ranking Score.

Article 6. BePoint conversion rate

1. For each successful trip (trip), the Member’s bePoint will be calculated by directly converting the Freight (s) after deducting the promotional value (s) (if any) with the pickaxe that car.
The table of conversion rates of bePoint points from freight charges is as follows:

For example:
Platinum membership via the Bevehicle app, successfully booked and used the bevehicle with a total freight of 90,000 VND (Ninety thousand VND) including VAT. In which, the member uses a discount code of 20% of the freight, so the actual amount the member pays is:
VND 90,000 – (20% * VND 90,000) = VND 72,000.
Thus, the member must pay the actual freight after the promotion of 72,000 VND. To compare the above conversion rate table, the bePoint that the Member will pick-up after this bevehicle is:
2% * VND 72,000 = 1,440 bePoint
2. Members ‘redeemed bePoints will be automatically added to the Members’ beLoyalty account after being redeemed by the system fastest and within 48 (forty eight) hours from the time the trip is completed.
3. Provisions on bePoints
The freight (charge) price used to calculate the bePoint is inclusive of VAT and will not include tolls, ferries, and yards; other surcharges, and other offers and discounts.
BePoints can only be redeemed from vehicles as specified in Clause 1 of this Article. For beRental trailers, the freight of these trailers is not valid for bePoint points conversion.
Affiliates’ bePoints are not allowed to sell, inherit, loan or loan; not authorize any third party to exercise one, some or all ownership rights; may not be used to take measures to secure civil or commercial obligations of a Member or any third party, and bePoint’s at the time bePoint has no redeemable value.
No points will be awarded for unsuccessful or cheating trips (trips).
Members can add points to their account from the BE GROUP promotion/promotion programs announced in advance.
Members can be awarded goodwill points in a number of cases where complaints have been resolved and identified by the fault of BE GROUP.

Article 7. Redemption of Loyalty Points

1. Depending on the Membership Class, benefits and benefits will apply, including but not limited to: offers and benefits provided by BE GROUP; offers and benefits from the Partner.
2. To use Loyalty Points to “Redeem points for bonus vehicle picks”, Members do the following:
Step 1: Perform the operation of booking a trip with the inner city bus booking and delivery services.
Step 2: In the option of payment method, select “Convert with bePoint”
Step 3: BePoint will be deducted corresponding to the amount paid for the trip.
The number of bePoints used to redeem benefits and offers will be deducted accordingly from the redeemed member’s total bePoints.
3. To the extend of scope of program:
Members, in addition to the terms and conditions of these Regulations, must comply with the terms and conditions of the Offer set forth by the provider of that Offer.
beGroup will not be responsible for the inability of the Members to redeem rewards or the cancellation of rewards due to the Partner cessation of participating in the program; or due to change in business activities at the request of state agencies; or due to a change in the compensation policy of the program partners; or for other reasons, announced by beGroup from time to time.
Not be responsible and settle for any claims related to Members’ use of bePont points and using Partner products or services.

Article 8. Term of use of points

The bePoint Points for which a Member is redeemed from freight during one Class Period (“Period T”) will expire on the last day of the next Class Qualification (“Term T + 1”).

Article 9. Provisions on Incentives

  • An Offer redeemed from bePoint will be used according to the terms of that Offer.
  • Offers can be redeemed from bePoints subject to the availability of the product/service/relevant service provider.

Article 10. Violation of the Regulation on the BeLoyalty Program

Acts of violation include but are not limited to:
a) Cause damages (including damages to reputation, brand) to the BeLoyalty Program, BE GROUP, or BE GROUP’s partners.
b) Commit acts of insult, assault on employees or partners of BE GROUP.
c) Transfer, inherit or mortgage Membership Class, accumulated points without BE GROUP’s approval.
d) Member violates the rules, regulations and terms and conditions of use as specified at https://www.be.com.vn or on the application be.
e) Commit other actions that BE GROUP deemed as a violation under the Program Regulations.
BE GROUP will temporarily not accept to pay bonuses or add points when discovering that Members have signs of conflict or suspect that they have violated the Program Rules or cancel the accumulated points that have been added or demoted Membership, close Member’s account when it is determined that the points have been added incorrectly due to fraud or system error or violation of the cases specified in Clause 1 of this Article.

Article 11. Termination of Membership

1. Cases of Termination:
a) The member no longer needs to join the program and sends a request to terminate the membership to beGroup via the beGroup application.
b) Member dies, loses civil act capacity or other termination cases as prescribed by law.
c) The member violates the law, violates the regulations, regulations, terms and conditions published by beGroup on the website: https://www.be.xyz/
d) When this Frequent Flyer Program is terminated for any reason.
e) Member does not provide correct and complete mandatory information of the Member (full name, ID/CCCD number; year of birth).
f) Other cases as required by law or as decided/required by competent government authorities.
2. Steps to terminate:
a) Termination by Member:
Option 1: Members send email termination requests that beGroup announced on the website from time to time.
Method 2: Send a termination request via Be app:
Step 1: Select beLoyalty in the menu bar of the Application be.
Step 2: Select “Termination” and click “Agree” to confirm to submit your membership termination request.
Step 3: Through the request of the Member, beGroup will review and terminate the Membership of the Member.
b) Termination by beGroup: beGroup will send a notification to the Member via the Be app.
3. Consequences of termination:
In any event of termination of Membership, bonus points, rankings (Members, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamonds) and related privileges will be forfeited and irreversible, and beGroup will be exempt from all liabilities related to compensation, reimbursement or any liability for bePoints, privileges and benefits that the individual terminated Membership had not used up to the time of termination. Membership way. In case it is possible to re-enroll in the program, the bePoint score will be recalculated from the beginning.

Article 12. Waiver of Be Group

BE GROUP is not responsible to Members for not providing part or all of the benefits of the program to Members in the following cases:
Data processing systems, software, signal transmission systems crash, fail, be hacked or for any other objective reasons beyond BE GROUP’s control.
When the be-account is stolen/lost/disclosed due to the fault of the Member resulting in loss or the bePoint is used incorrectly for the purpose of the Member, but the account member cannot promptly notify BE GROUP.
BE GROUP cannot transfer bePoints/offers to Consumers due to objective reasons beyond BE GROUP’s control.
Because Members violate the law, violate the rules, regulations, terms and conditions announced by BE GROUP on the website: https://www.be.com.vn
In other Force majeure events as provided for by law.

Article 13. General Terms

Depending on actual conditions, the Regulations and other policies published on the website https://www.be.com.vn may be amended/adjusted/suspended/terminated at BE’s sole discretion. GROUP and will (with or without) notice.
In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and be’s marketing or advertising materials in connection with the BeLoyalty Program Regulations, this beLoyalty Program Regulations will prevail. use.
Member is solely responsible for any and all costs, taxes, fees, claims or liabilities (if any) arising out of the Member’s enjoyment of the program benefits.
The member is responsible for trips/services performed and other account operations (such as change of configuration, change of address, account information). Members need to be alert to spam emails, phishing scams and not share account information with mail accounts coming from unauthorized addresses.
Dispute Resolution: These Regulations are governed by the laws of Vietnam. All disputes arising out of or relating to this Regulation will be attempted to settle by negotiation. In case the negotiation is unsuccessful within 30 (thirty) days, the Parties will have the right to bring the dispute to a competent court in Vietnam in accordance with the law.
When Members access and use the website/Be Application (including online service registration) undertake to read and understand that fully agree with the terms of this Regulation./.