Booking BeBike – Best Price ever!

Thursday, 03/18/2021 16:00 (GMT+7)

Do you feel worried and exhausted when commuting everyday? – Increase in fuel cost, find a place to park your motobike and so on?

🥤You want to save money to treat yourself like buying  snacks, milk tea, or coffee?

🙆🙆‍♀️ You want to join force with the community to solve society problems such as traffic jam, better living quality for low-income workers?

⚡ Be has solutions to all of your problem! We introduced new price point of beBike to make the service more affordable. From March 15, 2021 onwards,  every beBike trip starts with only 11.000 vnđ. By choosing beBike, you made an economical and good cause decision.


Base fare has been changed as below:

Note: this new price is only applied for Ho Chi Minh city


Download app Be and enjoy our service at: