1-year anniversary from the first day Be rolled its wheels, BE GROUP launches beLoyalty

Wednesday, 08/26/2020 05:24 (GMT+7)

After 365 days in operation, Be has completed 38 million trips, provided a total of 5 services to Vietnamese users. On this special occasion, Be also launches beLoyalty feature to accumulate Be rewards points for users.

Recently, social media has spread a bright yellow color to celebrate Be turning 1 year old. Meanwhile, Be also launches a series of attractive promotions for their riders and showing the gratefulness to their users.

be jubilantly happy birthday with attractive incentive programs and gifts.

Round 1 year into Vietnamese life

At this time, there was a high competition between ride hailing tech apps. But that reason was not strong enough for “golden Bee” to be discouraged. You can easily spot yellow-coated drivers on every street. At present, Be is available at 10 provinces and cities of Vietnam, step-by-step actualizing the vision to become an indispensable part of Vietnamese people’s daily lives.

According to Be, after a year, there was 5.5 million app download, completed roughly 38 millions trips (beBike and beCar). Estimatedly, Be has 350.000 trips/ day, bringing a significant income to 60.000 drivers.

After a year, be has accomplished important achievement, create plenty of positive impression on users’ mind.

It’s not just about ride-hailing field, Be has quickly opened its digital ecosystem including new services like beFinancial (providing effective financial solution to private users, riders and businesses), beExpress (postal services), beDelivery (delivery service). Thereby, Be is bringing more and more solutions, lending a hand to simplify complicated issues in daily Vietnamese people’s lives.

Launching new feature beLoyalty on the special occasion of Be’s first birthday and plenty of promotions to show the gratefulness to their users and drivers.

On December 16, Be officially launched their new feature beLoyalty – a feature that helps accumulate rewards points and exchange them for gifts for users. There are 5 levels of membership: Member, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. This arrangement is based on rewards points (bePoint) that you have accumulated after using Be services which can go up to 3% of the service price.

With users who have been using Be for a long time, the membership arrangement is based on the value of the Be service fee from July 1, 2019 to December 8, 2019. Especially, on the occasion of Be’s first birthday, our loyal users (from Silver) will be prioritized to be given rewards points, depending on their membership rank, which can be exchanged for attractive vouchers to try on new feature on the launching day.

More than that, Be also gives lovely presents like bucket hats, tote bags for the lucky users when they join happy-birthday games on Be’s fanpage. Up to now, the game has attracted more than 3.000 interested people sending happy and dearly wishes to Be.

“1 year mark” is where drivers confide and review memorable memories after a year of being a Be driver.
Be and their drivers also celebrate one-year accompany with each other in a program called “one-year mark” which will take place from 27/11 to 5/12.
Through the program, drivers have an opportunity to share their memorable working moments such as a story about an-hour trip without any wheels rolling or an unforgetable situation with a broken-hearted user, or unique experiences that only drivers can understand. Besides, Be also gives grateful gifts to 100 drivers who have been accompanying Be from their first days.
Those programs are organized to show their carefulness to their drivers, and to express that Be always accompanies with their drivers at every corner of the streets and strives to create the best conditions of working environment for drivers to have much more safe trips.
It can be seen that that the Vietnamese Be tech app has gradually become more familiar with the people of Vietnam. You can get your first trial by downloading the app to your phone from App Store or CH Play.
Let’s quickly download Be app today to “catch” a variety of attractive gifts on Be’s birthday and epic deals given exclusively to new users.