STT Chức danh Phòng ban Địa điểm
1 Principal Software Engineer (Back-end/Golang) Engineering TP.HCM
2 BE Group - Product Owner (Transport & Delivery) Product TP.HCM
3 Senior QA Automation Engineer Engineering TP.HCM
4 Senior Back End Engineer Engineering TP.HCM
5 Head of Vertical Vertical Management TP.HCM
6 Lead/Staff QA Automation Engineering TP.HCM
7 Data Analyst Business Intelligence TP.HCM
8 Merchant Internal Training Executive Merchant Operation - beFood TP.HCM
9 Merchant Account Executive (HN/HCM) beFood TP.HCM
10 Senior Merchant Performance beFood TP.HCM
11 Digital Performance - Affiliate Executive Marketing TP.HCM
12 Driver Acquisition Executive Supply Hà Nội
13 Merchant Support Center Executive Merchant Operation - beFood TP.HCM
14 C&B Intern Human Resource TP.HCM
15 Project Management Officer Project Management TP.HCM
16 Senior Brand Executive - Transport Marketing TP.HCM
17 Product Data Analyst Product TP.HCM
18 Web Engineer Engineering TP.HCM
19 Driver Operations Executive Supply TP.HCM
20 Marketplace Manager Marketplace TP.HCM
21 IT Support Engineering Hà Nội